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Franchise Management Software

Franchise management software is a key piece of technology that keeps the lives of franchisors and their location owners easy. It acts as one place for them to keep all of their data, processes, operations, flows and more so that important information is always secured yet accessible.

There are several franchise management software providers in the market today, but only one that purely focuses on the customer experience – Naranga. We pride ourselves on truly identifying client needs and knowing what we should focus on to help make every business successful.

Franchise operations software is more than just an everyday technology – it can be the lifeblood of your business. Understanding this is crucial and can ultimately help guide in the overall success of your brand.

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Franchise Consulting

When it comes to successful businesses, many times there is a component that is overlooked, and that component is consulting. Many businesses do it and several need it. When it comes to franchise consulting, things are no different. Franchise consulting is a valuable resource that is available to franchisors. What’s not to love about a tried and true process, coming from an experienced franchise professional?

We regularly hear about the success franchise consulting brings to franchisors within the industry through various franchise news outlets. And now, we are providing state-of-the-art consulting from our end as well. We have hired a seasoned team of past and present franchise executives who are excited to share successful franchising processes with those seeking the knowledge. Naranga is excited to share this expertise with the franchise industry because now more than ever, do businesses need to stay innovative on track and focused on the right strategies.

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Local Marketing for Franchises

If marketing is golden, your business is also golden. Marketing is the top of every business funnel, without marketing there are no leads, no exploratory calls, no demos and no deals – it all starts at the top. Marketing is your greatest asset.

Naranga firmly believes in taking advantage of the RIGHT marketing technology. Since everyone is on their phones, focus on mobile marketing that will drive leads directly into your store(s). You can do this by delivering location targeted messaging at the right time and right place. Effective franchise marketing often plays a role in the long-term success of several brick and mortars, in addition to, effective customer engagement strategies, continuous innovation and more.

Brand Standards in Franchising

Keeping your brand consistent across all locations is a major part of successful franchising. Whether you have a location in Boise, Idaho or in Miami, FL both stores should provide the same quality experience to its consumers – because that is your brand experience. Your experience builds the brand and the quality of your products and services are your business’s reputation. 

Thankfully, there are several ways to maintain brand standards in franchising – one of the best being the proper implementation and usage of a franchise management software system. Because with an umbrella like franchise management software system, comes several other areas that help the consistency of the brand like, quality management functionality, brand standards/field auditing and more.

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Franchisee Online Training

Proper employee training within your franchise is fundamental to secure a consistent experience across all your locations. With easy-to-use video and visual technologies to instantly record, upload and distribute training videos to your team, you will be amazed with the success that follows. More importantly, it helps you track the effectiveness of your training using tests and usage reports. Our training helps improve operations and boost your team’s morale, all the while ensuring a consistent message to your customers.

At Naranga – we pride ourselves on providing effective online employee training methodologies, whether it be through our homegrown solutions or through our expert partners within the space. We have a solution for your franchise when it comes to effectively training up your team. Ensuring that everyone within your organization is trained is a major key to your success. Get franchisees to follow your proven process. 


Naranga is honored to be your industry leader in franchise technology information and to be your trusted franchise software partner. We like to build a partner-like relationship with our clients because we know service is what's most important to you. If you'd like to learn more about our services, please submit this form and we can schedule a demo with you right away! 

"Our operations team loved how simple and intuitive the interface of Naranga's central operations software flowed. We feel an alignment with Naranga where we are important and everyone's success is the first priority."
Franchise Management Software Naranga

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"Naranga gets us current immediately and we can see that they are blazing a new trail for the future of location management. They listen to our needs and provide solutions in a timely manner... This is refreshing and exciting."
Franchise Management Software Naranga

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